The History Group meet tomorrow night (10th September) at the Ogbourne St Andrew church.

History Group

History Group meeting

They will be showing off photos from the past. So if you have ever wandered what your house or road used to look like or want to just see faces from the past then pop along at 8pm.

I have seen a sneak peak and some of thy Groue photos and they make for interesting viewing.

Who remembers the Ale House that was next to the Pub?
No… intrigued by what you might learn?

More information on the Ogbourne St. Andrew Parish History Group…


5 Comments on Who is up for viewing historic parish photos?

  1. Brian Wood says:

    The next meeting of the History Group will be on 19th November
    at 8pm in the Church. This meeting is a social gathering with
    wine and nibbles. All are welcome and entry is free.
    We intend to re cap on the information we have gathered to date
    about the Parish particularly for our new members.
    All Parish censuses, information on Church, School, Railway
    and Racing history will be available.
    Anyone interested is very welcome.
    Brian Wood

  2. Clive Caswell says:

    Can you put me in touch with anyone who can help with my family research?

    The Caswell family were the village blacksmiths.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


  3. Dennis Switzer says:

    My wife’s great grandmother was born, May 22, 1859 on Barbary Farm in your parish.
    Her name was Ann Gullis, daughter of Jacob and Mary Ann, nee Witts. Jacob’s occupation was shepherd.
    Are there any pictures of the farm or any information concerning the Gullis and Witt families available?
    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.
    Dennis Switzer
    Calgary, AB

  4. Brian Wood says:

    I have some records showing the Witt family but no mention of a family named Gullis. If you forward your E mail address to me I will endeavour to collate the information that I have and send it to you.

  5. Michelle Rothwell says:

    Hi my Grandfather Caleb Smith was born on Barbary Farm in 1912, please can anyone help me with the rest of the family I know his father was Frederick and a farm bailiff and his mother was Annie, but thats all i have at the moment so if anyone can help i would be very grateful.

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