So is everything slowing down?

Sloe Gin in the making

Sloe Gin in the making

Two of the following might be:

  1. The economy
  2. The traffic
  3. Sloes

The answer is probably yes to both 1 and 3 and a ‘possibly’ to number 2.

So with the economic slow down what’s a better way to warm up a cold winter’s evening that a wee tipple of home made Sloe Gin?

One of the beautiful things about living in the Ogbourne countryside is the abundance of natural ingredients all around. I remember in my ‘younger days’ the need to be out on a walk with my father after the first frost in order harvest a good crop of sloes. Now that I am of legal drinking age (by several years!) I have fallen into the seasonal habit.
It is easy to make and easier to drink but to all the sloe lovers out there: have you already harvested your stock and got your Sloe Gin fermenting away in a cupboard somewhere?

Sloes in a slow down?

Sloes in a slow down?

I have been out scouring the local hedges and my normal ‘off the beaten track’ locations in the hunt of a good crop of sloes and I must admit that this years crop is good but in limited numbers and the finding part has been difficult.
Are you a sloe person?
Have you got suggestions to share?

If your batch is that good you might find Kevin from the Silks taking you up on a contract!


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  1. Cairstine says:

    Hi, I am also in Marlborough and looking for some sloes to make Sloe Vodka. I was up in Warwickshire this weekend and the hedges were dripping with sloes. Alas I haven’t yet found any around Marlborough. Anyone who knows where I can pick some, please let me know.

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